Scope of Work

Site Survey and Analysis of Site including Analysis of climatic effects on the site.
Liasoning with the client and analysis to arrive on requirements of the project which includes reference of various regulations, market survey and interaction with management.
Prepare preliminary design options, there study and analysis.
To prepare view of the final approved Designs and models of the project.
To Submit the project to various approving authorities and liasoning with them.

Prepare all architectural and Detail Drawings which may be required for the execution of the project.
Prepare all the specifications, Detail Estimates, Tender Documents, Tender Drawings, there analysis and helping clients to arrive on conclusions.
Prepare Structural Drawings, analysis, certification etc.
Prepare electrical Drawings and Detail.
Prepare Plumbing and Sanitary Services.
Landscape and any other services which may make the building state of the art building.

Visit the site to ensure that the work is being done as per drawing.
Arrange visits of consultants and coordinate with them.
Assist in the selection of material process.
Coordination between various contractors, client and comment on various issues.
Quality Audit, suggestions and recommendations at various stages.
Checking of Contractor’s Bill.

Prepare as built drawings for record of the management for future reference.
Submit the Completion drawings and liasoning with authorities for the completion.
Settle final bills of contractors.
Quality Analysis within 6 months of Defect Liability period of contractors, coordinate with them for Defects correction etc.